Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random collection of 2010

I have nothing else to do.....so here is something that i read. Now, you read it with your heart. If you do, i am sure you will enjoy! Kash, especially for you! Missing you people alot :(

Yeh lamha fikr-o-gham ka guzer kyun nahi jata
Akhir ko hai pemana bhar kyun nahi jata

Aata hai kucch yaqeen mager badguman bhi hoon
Maazi se jo mila hai asar kyun nahi jata

Usne bare khuloos se yeh kehdiya
Jeena hai nagawar tou marr kyun nahi jata

Nakaam hasraton ka tasalsul nahi toota
Jane mager yeh shouq-e-safer kyun nahi jata

Mana ke iss qader nahi per kucch tou hai AZIZ
Woh shakhs khayalon se utar kyun nahi jata

Main khud zameen mera zarf aasmaan ka hai
K toot kar bhi mera hosla chataan ka hai
Bura na Maan mere hurf-o-lafz zehr sahi
Main kya karun k yehi zaaiqa zabaan ka hai
Meri sanjeedgi mashhoor hai zamaane mein
Meri khaamoshi bhi Pehlu mere bayaan ka hai
Har ek ghar pe musallat hai dil ki veeraani
Tamaam sheher pe saaya mere makaan ka hai
Bikhhar ke us se main bas es liye nahi bikhra
Wo keh gaya tha; yehi waqt terey imtehaan ka hai

chaara nahin koi jalte rehne ke siwaaa
saanche mein fana ke dhalte rehne ke siwaa
Ai shama, teri hayaat-e-faani kya hai
jhonka khaane aur sambhalhe rehne ke siwaa ~Yaas yagana

Baaz auqaat kisi aur ke milne se Adam
apni hasti se mulaaqat bhi ho jaati hai

KaThin hai raah guzar Thodi der saath chalo
bahut kaDa hai safar Thodi der saath chalo
tamaam umar kahaaN koi saath deta ha
maiN jaanta huN magar Thodi der saath chalo

meri taufeeq bhi kam hai, meri auqhaat bhi kam
Kua zaroori hai ke woh aankh 'mujh' ko tole? -raj kumar kailash
jis din huaa paThaan ke murge ka intaqaal

daavat ki maulavi ki tab aaya use Khayaal
murdaar murG ki hui mullaah ko jab Khabar
saaraa badan sulag uThaa, Gaalib huaa jalaal
kahane lage khilaaoge mam gosht?
tum ko nahin zaraa bhi shariyat ka kuchh Khayaal
murdaar Gosht to shariyat mein hai haraam
jab tak na zibaah kijiye, hota nahin halaal
fatawa jab apana maulavi saahab suna chuke
jhunjhalaa ke Khan ne kiyaa tab un se ye sawaal
kaisi hai aap ki ye shariyat bataaiye
bande ko kar diya hai Khuda se bhi baa-kamaal
allaah jis ko maar de, ho jaaye vo haraam
bande ke haath jo mare, ho jaaye vo halaal - girgit ahmedabadi

Har ek dil mein kibre hasti dekha
Har ek sar mein shor-e-masti dekha
Paai na kahin Khuda parasti humne
Har cheez mein range khud parasti dekha

Khafa bhi woh tha, tark-e-taa'ulluq bhi kiya usne
magar ek umar se meri pashemaani nahi jaati

Chalne ka hausla nahi, rukhna muhal kardiya
Ishq ke is safr nai tou, mujhe nidhal kardiya
Milte hui dillon ke beech, aur tha faisla koi
Us ne magar bichhadte waqt,Aur sawwal kar diye
Ai meri gul zameen tujhe cha thi ek kitaab ki
Ahle kitaab ne magar, kya tera haal kar diya

Pabagil sab hai, rihayi ki kare tadbeer kaun
Dast basta sehr mein, khole meri zanjeer kaun

Meri sarr hazir hai, lekin mera munsif dekh le
kar raha hai meri farde jurm ko tahreer kaun
meri chadar tou chini thi, shaam ki tanhayi ne
be ridaayi ko meri phir de gaya tasheer kaun
Need jab khabbon se pyaari hoo, tou aise ahd mein
Khaab dekhe kaun, khaboon ko tabeer kaun

Reth abhi na pichle makaanoon ke na wapas aayi thi
phir labe saahil pe ghironde kar gaya tameer kaun
sarre rishte hijratton mein saath dete hai tou phir
Sehr se jaate hue hota hai daman gir kaun
Dushmanoon ke saath mere dost bhi azzad hai
Dekh na khechta hai mujh pe pehla teer kaun

Pabagil sab hai, rihayi ki kare tadbeer kaun
Dast basta sehr mein, khole meri zanjeer kaun - Parveen shakir!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inertia of opinion - Part I

Oh almighty, what is this world that is hastening me towards
I know not what, viewing me with contempt?

Islamic terrorism is the word abuzz
as if there are no terrorist in their part of dust?
Nay! they say, its not as same
You people kill in the name of 'Lord'
You are followers of moon God, and follow
the book; that blinds you to blow innocents
Don't even compare 'us' to you.

You shameless creatures you got no right to do;
what you do! I can't stop laughing on your heresy, that
age old 'Shairah'; that gives you right to beat;
your wife? How pathetic is your story!

Redness in eyes, open wounds hungry to be healed
Bandwagon of hatred, repugnance on faces
Am I really the reason for that girl's father lost leg
Or the house out there that got no food to suffice
How is that I am responsible for
every single secular worlds' mishap?
From that family next door thrown out of their house, who
could not pay the EMI, thanks to lost job for that freedom fight!

Though the rich seems richer and goods, are
spinning out; bought and sold; the markets are
always loud; still people have less money to buy,
and distress on things they could not get; ignoring
whats in their hand is the beauty of happiness !

How can you stay so silent, please reply 'Thee Almighty'
people always kneeling in front of you, looking for that
glimpse of mercy; their is a limit to obediently patient
We can't take those accusations falling on our ears, please
let us free from those allegations, because
'terrorist' is not me.

Oh almighty, what is this world that is hastening me towards
I know not what, viewing me with contempt?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lost in transition?

Well, this as many of others posts; is unsettling energy flux of my neuronal activity concocted by imagination, contemplation and rationalization that my little mind can fathom. This post is inspired by a little fight with my little sister - who uses the F word to express anger. Well, who am i to judge, when i myself so oftentimes than not use the S word conveniently. Yeah, I am working on it and hopefully get over it, InshAllah!

Anger expression I think has more deeper reasons that even I can completely pen down (type down?) myself. It has something to do with lack of understanding of this complex life, lesser patience and broken spirit of will power. It has something to do with unsatisfied contribution to/by the person/society, a greater deficit margin on self standard scale of people in general (including self).

Hold it! I ain't giving you gyan on etymology of 'anger' here. Neither am i giving anger management classes. People, who know me well will start laughing even if I step into that role for a sec.

So lets get started with the subject on hand and this is how it goes:

As humans we have unique power to translate each others life without physically even moving an inch. I am sure, all of us have been moved by a small gesture (positive or negative) on the road, in bus, etc. Though, we have never met before and might not cross our ways again, we are affected by each other somehow. Sometimes, it helps break and sometimes strengthens -our prejudices. Its just in us.

Of the many things that contribute to such unrecognized and unrealized power is "Word".

Ever tried imagining the words as sounds without any meaning to it. Imagine, and you will find yourself either thinking or laughing. Well, as history records; words came into being because of certain value or quality it denotes. I totally recommend reading, 'A is for Ox' for a basic understanding and if you want dig deep" Grammatical man -information, entropy, language and life' - Good luck with 'scientific' philosophy of language.

Well, like humans (for those who believe in souls), each and every word has two important aspect to them:

a. Physical aspect
b. Spiritual aspect

The physical aspect stands for its sound, its language or scripting. I call is physical because you can sense it with the help of those 5 senses, hence adheres to the scientific decorum of evidence. Even though a figment of human imagination, yet, they exist. The physical aspect of word is to brain as output device is to computer. Its the sa re ga ma of language. Yes, it includes all those aspects of language that most of us had tough time learning especially the grammar. Since all of us are aware of this aspect, let me not dwell into it a lot.

Now, comes the most important part - the spiritual side. As, I mentioned before, each word has an attributed/quality value to it. Imagine a word 'beauty' - it has certain aesthetic quality to it. Same stands for many words like courage, faith, believe, etc. Have you ever come across those films/cartoons wherein the 'subject' opens the age old relic books and you see some power or rather light emitted from it?Now, if you ask me - that is not actually the light light but the enlightening light. In the sense that it awakens in a person a sense of attributes and dawns upon wisdom. May be, you can better understand this if you have read something and din't understand but upon reading again and again -new concepts open up on you like never before. it is very important for a word to hold its value - its like 'hiss' in urdu from which the word 'ahsaas' is derived. A man is equal to dead if he/she doesn't have any ahsaas (physically or morally).

If you read classics, you can actually feel the language. Today, the language has turned into a sham rather than that spirit. People don't think and speak. They just speak and more so it has become a cool thing to use derogatory language. And when you correct, they just come up with a simple convenient answer, " Oh common! Gimme a break. We don't mean F when we say it. Its just like an expression. You don't have to be so serious about it". It is the lack of seriousness sometimes that is disturbing.

Really! Think about it. Your friend calling you again and again with those words out of love. How disgusting is that love that cant give you respect to your being. There are many words on my list that have lost their spirit during transition into modernized world full of pressures - liar, B*, A*, etc (nauzbillah!).

Each word has its disposition and is meant for certain purpose. Hence, we have positive and negative words, degrees for same meaning words. Words moved people, made revolutions happen, bring 'Haqh' (Ah! such a beautiful word) to people. Please, respect language and people at the same time. Be graceful as much as you can. We don't need to be abusive all the time. There is time for everything but it takes much courage not to fall down from grace of language.

Let me end with a little quote for the spirit of word, ' Thanks to words, we have been able to rise above the brutes; and thanks to words, we have often sunk to the level of the demons. ~Aldous Huxley'

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You haven't been liberated if you haven't slandered?

“Thanks to easy access of unauthenticated material because of internet, the media brawl, the present IQ of human race is increasing constantly. If you happen to visit any video on You tube or any article as a matter of fact that has a comment section (Now a days almost all papers, journals, sites, etc have it), you will find scores of people commenting on various issues." Person 1

"So? Big deal! Aren't you supposed to have an opinion? Well, of course, you ought to. You have forgotten; aren't we living in times of Freedom of Expression. Duh!" ; Person 2.

"Oh! sorry. I belong to the generations of uncivilized uncouth people from eastern part of poverty striken world - who are wandering in the darkness of religion as yet. Silly irrational people who are guided by shariah laws laid by a man known as "Prophet Mohammad (SAW)". On the streets of India, haven't you seen those people who have big turbans on their head, and specially those burqah women who aren't as yet have the mercy of western ideologists to liberate themselves from the clutches of men who just ill-treat and subjugate them." person 1

" Yeah yeah. Now, I remember. I have seen a couple of videos and read news of similar kind in newspapers." Dont worry, check out the recent 'Draw Prophet day' movement. We are here to help you get out of the clutches of ignorance and enlighten you and also the anti burqah and naqab movements in the Europe. If you ever want any help, don't hesitate." Person 2.

Sad and happy to my position, I cant even slander you for slandering me. I am on a serious breech of code of conduct of that aged rusted shariah law. We believe that Allah has given us the ability to speak/express. That's like equivalent to your body. Its given by Allah, nobody has the claim to it except you. Yet, at the same time He has given us the little thing in our skull called "Brain" which is to put to action before one spurts out what is on ones liberated mind." person 1

"Slandering or bearing with you? Which ones apt? Western civilization is the pioneer of liberation. Either its writing or saying, they really are advanced set of people who have made really good contribution to the society as a whole while you people haven't heard of something called 'freedom of expression'. Read your history right kiddo." Person 2

"Freedom of expression, more narrowly: freedom of speech is under constant threat to itself in present times. But before dwelling into it, today I take the prestigious honor to welcome you all to the era of 'Enlightenment and New world', the founders of liberation. To be precise: the western world. The world that sees everything through the myopic view of themselves. Sometimes, it’s hard to even gauge that east existed just from the time west came into existence. Not so famous but factually true, is that the 'Dark periods' of western world were the peak golden periods of eastern civilization. The trade, sciences, literature, poetry and philosophy flourished. There was a good distance of 1000 years in progress. Eastern world had and has always been a good example of diversity of culture with few exceptions. The western world is yet to come to terms of accepting various cultures and different viewpoints.

We are in globalization era still refuting the phase of accepting each other: accepting that there is no single way of life and ideology. There is no single correct way of thinking and approach to life ways. It’s a multiple choice and I guess for the same reason freedom of speech was scheduled. The west by large hasn't really opened up to others accept to mock at the 'different'.

Well, 'everybody draw Mohammad day' is just one example of big bully threatening the small bully i.e. Its my way or no way. It’s not new for iconographic or image representation of God. Many religions are based on it. And, its also not new that someone has tried figurative approach towards Mohammad. But, before long it was abandoned with common consensus from various school of thoughts because it might lead to idolatry. The difference between their approach and today's attitude is the lack of aptitude to appreciate someone else’s core values of respect and veneration but the sheer presence of slandering and mockery.

Surprising enough, west (specifically Europe) in all its obtuseness of insight is so quick in showing the intolerance of other cultures (here specifically Islam) when without any second thought banning burqa, various religious bearing of a person and minarets (really minarets? What’s it’s got to do with Islam..it’s architecture.); making liberating decisions on behalf of people who are protesting outside not to pass the law.

Let me take a moment here to justify the need of 'Freedom of speech'. According to Wikipedia 'Freedom of speech' is the freedom to speak without censorship and/or limitation. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes used to indicate not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. In practice, the right to freedom of speech is not absolute in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations, such as on "hate speech".

Hate is not a part of freedom of expression. It is not to get on someone’s nerve but to exchange ideas. A very learn friend of mine argued that just because someone is drawing doesn't mean you go and kill the person or give Fatwa to ostracize (Salman Rushdie). Bill Maher told that I can gaff at Pope or Jesus (PBUH) and no one would dare to come up with such a solution. Sorry, if you haven't kept the reverence for your religious leaders or God(s), or Prophets (PBUT). I can’t help it. If it doesn't concern you, it doesn't matter to you in the first place. You got to take a good look at yourself then and you have incurred it yourself upon yourself. And also imagine a Muslim person goofing around with his religion. Wo, I can feel some heat there. Agreed that no one should be killed, but Salman Rushdie was barred for the common good of the country to avoid hooliganism platform for furthering the communal disharmony.

Why don't people stand on Harlem crossroad, use the N word? Everyone has freedom of speech after all.

How would you react if a person speaks ill about your parents or sisters. Why should you react? Its that person's freedom of speech.

During the presidency election, when people were whispering about Barack Obama's Muslim background, Colin Powell took a stand and said "what it was - not free speech, but unacceptable, un-American bigotry" (source: Washington post)

Yes, that is what this is also. A plain bigotry. A purposeless blasphemous trifle with no intellectual agenda except to annoy muslim people. “Person 1.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sifar's zindagi

Ya rab kya hai tasalsul -e- zindagi; ajab khel dikhata hai

Gat hai dhobi ke kutte si; na ghar ka na ghat ka ye haal banata hai
Gardish mein musalsil zameer mera; kabhi wadi-e-duniya wa kabhi jannat ki aur chala jaata hai
Wo ek pal tere darbaar mein: samaet loon; phir kasmakash-e-waqt : kai wardatton se darata hai

Ya rab kya hai tasalsul -e- zindagi; ajab khel dikhata hai

Beshakh nahi mera qhalam pabande hurf-e-kibriyai; warna kya baat hai jo jabeen khaak hone se katrata hai
Khud sitaishi aur khud shanasi ka farq barkharaar rakhna mujh mein; Na ho wo qhata jo ruh ko mitti banata hai
Parwaaz dein mere adab o niyaate-ammal ko; yahi wo farq hai jo bande ko khuda se milata hai

Ya rab kya hai tasalsul -e- zindagi; ajab khel dikhata hai

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Abstract thoughts -II

Me and my friend (oops....this reminds of my English teacher, Mala Shenoy . She used to say: whenever you are using the third person/second person along with first... the first: that is I i.e. you are a donkey and the donkey always comes last". At that time I dint know socialism so well to realize it existed in language rules as well...hahaha ;)) .

Coming back to the topic: my friend and I were discussing my research topic that transformed into a political and then a philosophical issue. It all started with intangible nature of measuring depression. And we hopped on to the intangible nature of every word I am using to write this blog. I am not sure where is this going to lead but I am going to start with what’s on my mind. Everything on the face of the earth is relative to "I". I: as in human. Indeed, the most interesting objects of speculation on my list. For a fraction of moment, imagine the world without humans.
It would still be world of course: much better than it is right now. What am I saying? Indeed, isn't it we who have organized, named earth 'The Earth'. Created new things out of nothing and understood that underlying this random probabilistic piece of huge junk of collated electrons and protons that came from nowhere suspended in space that we call world: is governed by an order? Don't we hear physicists and mathematicians cramping their heads day and night right now for encoding the one universal governing law of nature? We have unraveled the key to most of the things that are under our vision of rationality. From the very origin of universe to the humans. You name it, we have a reason. From space time axioms, black holes, age of earth to heart beat - we have figured it out to the nth degree of accuracy.

Today we live in a world where everything is defined by mechanics: even human relationships. Everything that thrills/evokes our emotions is about: precision (standards), accuracy (repeatability) and speed. It’s the order that dictates every state of mind/action. We have reduced ourselves to the same level: emotions are chemical transmitters, getting along with other human is synchronized with positive or negative vibrations, we have break-up in relationships and we get readjusted or screwed after tuning a little to newer environments. It’s all about mechanics.

What are humans: a bundle of mass (form of energy) that is held in the space time fixation with the help of gravitational force on the surface of a huge crust of heavy body that provides our mainframe source for huge components of raw material to keep its evolutionarily mechanical parts moving? And to balance the energy, this evolutionary gimmick is provided with inbuilt mother board made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen leading to attractive forces that transmits itself into another new form.

From road tracks to plants and animals phyla, traffic rules to business transaction, from crimes rates to philanthropy, everything has been organized. We are so obsessed with order that humans were/are subjugated to some arbitrary checkpoints of societal standards of language, literacy, IQ, size weight, color, money, etc.

The whole unorganized flawed ideas of nomadic way of contemplation of ‘whys’ was replaced by modernistic holy scholars like Francis bacon, Newton with more organized scientific‘how’s’? And post modern scholastics later transformed these “Whys and How’s” as a tool subservience of nature by us.

Where else are we heading to from here? Nobody today can just randomly speak their mind or rather emotions. It doesn’t hold any value. And as can be expected, though surrounded by scores of people around us, there are times we just feel a void in our hearts. People are left with no choice but to be untrue to themselves and also to others. Sadly enough, we don't have still one thing straightened up: US.

Yes, the present world is mute concoction of all these trails of history. Yet, we are thousands of miles away from the ‘so called order’. Apologetic for my childlike eccentricities, at this moment of gravity, I got reminded of a movie called 'Pi' whose tag line stated "There will be no order, only chaos".

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The objectivity | The subjectivity.

The writing is triggered by many incidences in your life . Though my life has been going on its monotone pace, sometimes frustrations are deep down building up and a little catalytic event and here is the outcome.

What would be more offensive - Taking an issue/subject as a subject or as an object? Or both or none? Being objective, people are thinking in a way they think think. Its like looking at a stone and trying to understand. Objectivity helps in understanding things or phenomena or whatever on the face of earth beyond ones emotional, ethical, virtuous(according to many - irrational!!???) part of brain. There are so many people I have met who say, " Well, you behaving the way you behave because you mind is trained in this way in your childhood; "Oh yeah! Right. Thanks for the enlightenment. I was groping in dark, and your viewpoint has suddenly bridged the gap with its twilight".

Sarcasm apart: What is the idealistic way of looking at society or as a matter of fact "I". The existence of every little object in your room has its own importance and its timely shift from object to subject is based on ones situational need; applies very much to every human on the face of earth. Each of us are object and subject to different people based on ones perception, acquaintances, emotional bondage and of course ones virtues. I am not here to argue - which is better. Because, I ain't certain myself and for sure can never be.

But a little couplet from an urdu poet would add a dash to food for thought:

Hun said kabhi aur kabhi aur sayyad hun mein
Kuch bhi nahin baazeecha-e-izdaad hun main
Mukhtar magar apni haddon mein mehdood
Haan wusat-e-zanjeer tak azaad hun mein

(said=predator, sayyad=prey, baazeecha-e-izdaad = bundle of arguments/contradictions)

To put it in a non-literal analogy the rubai is questioning the very existence of objectivity. The very concept of 'objectivity' is based on the fact that it is devoid of subjectivity - that it itself is relative. Once you take this as your base, the whole concept is tinted with perception of the experienced.

Well, my friend argued " You are hell bend on your ideologies - resistant to change. For a change look at things from objective point of view. May be it would give you a better understanding of things around."

It all started with 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy discussion. I neither intend to ask nor tell, because its is against the adab of Islam (or rather a crime) to expose someone to someone else. I try my best to confirm to this principle. And, I really get out of situations that I think are out of my control. I don't want to be a part of the game where I am just a silent watcher. To tell the truth, I have been just that most the time and I hate my self for it. I have always been labeled as easily offended, too serious, just cant takes jokes, you think too much, etc from my school days. Because everything affects me - if it is related to me or not. Its nothing wrong on others. I am not offended by it but I feel guilty being a part of it. That's the way I am. People are different and thank God they are.

But is it really that if I adapt the objective point of view that the whole issue becomes indifferent - Indeed that is all we do all the time. Dont we?

The recent reports of series of pre-school shootings in china by mad people with amunition is ridiculous. The objective reason according to the news reporters is that there is too much unemployment around and hence people are suffering from depression and paranoia. Really? There are many similar diseases on my list: gambling, being shy is social phobia, PMS. I am sure times are near where every misbehavior would be approved by some psychological disorder to make things look ok. Excuse me for my blatant characteristics but the present chaos in our society is because of our objective approach.

The western world is still trying to recuperate the repercussions of teenage pregnancies. And the recent supreme court green flag to pre marital sex is an added blow. Oh my God! How naive am I. Putting my foot in the so called progress of Indian society. But answer me how are we going to defend teen age pregnancies? Oh sorry, pre marital sex is only for above 18 people and don't we have anti contraceptive measures. Ah! I see. As, I said: I am naive.

In a country where more than 40 percent of population living below poverty lines, there a huge 50 % margin between the supply and demand of water on negative side, people are hungry, more than 30 % population is unemployed, where every year 27 million babies are born, where women are raped, eve teasing is rampant?

Are we really solving the problems or aggravating it? Oh common, what has it got to do with me? I am just being an imprudent brute orthodox. He also argued that it happens all the time, legalizing is just helping it to remove the social stigma. How can I even argue to such a statement. I just kept my mouth shut.

Homicide is a criminal offense- still we find people killing each other. So shall we legalize killing. Its ok to kill if you are above 18. You are mature to decide for yourself.

Yet, the cool aired attitude towards adaptation of thinking that things should be looked up as new concepts in ones life sometimes irks me. Anything out of box is cool. People should read psychology a little bit to understand why the newer concepts are presented with that air.

Not surprising enough, there are two types of people: people who spell out their opinion and people who don't. But keeping quiet usually is taken as a trademark of agreement/ignorance. Well, I have been a culprit of this misconception sometimes. There could be two reasons to it : either the person really agrees on the opinion or the very base of perception on which the argument is based is not in alignment with the him/her and he or she has decided not to go to the arduous task of explaining because their objectivity has taken over their subjectivity. Did it make sense? Anyways, to cut the long story short: I mean to say that everything on the face of earth and earth itself is relative to something else and hence the whole concept of objectivity is a little hyped and let me end it by a famous scientist quote:

"A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." ~ Albert Einstein